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Testosterone is the hormone of great sex and great torture. In ancient times, when testosterone levels in men were higher, men were geniuses when it came to invent methods to deliver great pain and a slow death to other men, and occasionally women. A comfortable death was a luxury available to the lucky ones. So, know the risks, to others more than yourself, when embarking on testosterone enhancement with tongkat ali and butea superba.

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Carbondale, Illinois: Australian 60 Minutes exposed the Worldwide Satanic Pedophile Network

Brian S. Taylor 4321 Davis Court Carbondale, IL 62901

Note: This article is based on police investigatory reports… personal documented testimony of enraged policemen and women. The story itself has major credibility; and the facts presented here have been corroborated by hundreds of investigators, LE and private in the USA, UK and other nations. PJ]

Australian 60 Minutes published a story that 60 Minutes (America) would never dare touch. In America and the UK, the Pedophile Network controls high ranking Pedophile politicians, the Major Mass Media, FBI, the CIA and top Law Enforcement.

This has made it almost impossible to get the truth out to the populace about the presence and penetration of this worldwide Satanic Pedophile Network.

Those editors of the major mass media and elected or appointed officials that are not part of it or compromised by it realize that to try and expose it results in an immediate loss of their job, their retirement, and they will be blacklisted and perhaps even have their lives threatened.

Notwithstanding all these strong suppression forces in the past, not only was the CIA’s Franklin Credit Union pedophile scandal exposed by the Washington Times, but the finders scandal was exposed by US News and World Report.

And, despite those highly public exposures, the Major Mass Media failed to promote those important stories; and the stories died out, with no corrective actions by federal LE, which we now know is dirty to the core, because its own leaders are fully compromised by this Pedophile Network.


Grand Rapids, Michigan: Cytotoxic constituents from Butea superba Roxb.

Ambrose S. Zambrano 2320 Wetzel Lane Grand Rapids, MI 49503


A carpin (3-hydroxy-9-methoxypterocarpan) (Medicarpin) (1) and four isoflavones, 7-hydroxy-4′-methoxy-isoflavone (Formononetin) (2); 7,4′-dimethoxyisoflavone (3); 5,4′-dihydroxy-7-methoxy-isoflavone (Prunetin) (4) and 7-hydroxy-6,4′-dimethoxyisoflavone (5) were isolated from the tuber roots of Butea superba Roxb. Compounds 2 and 4 showed moderate cytotoxic activity on KB cell lines with IC50 (μM) values of 37.3 ± 2.5 and 71.1 ± 0.8 and on BC cell lines with IC50 (μM) values of 32.7 ± 1.5 and 47.3 ± 0.3, respectively.


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Native European men are stupid if they pursue sexual relationships with Western women. Go to India and Pakistan. Every native college girl dreams of a white husband.


Educated women are sexually less attractive, so let's stop that nonsense of sending every girl to school.


New York, New York: ‘Anesthesia Awareness' - Waking Up During Surgery Can Have Long Lasting Psychological Affects

Jeffry D. Page 3503 Duncan Avenue New York, NY 10011

Having surgery can be a frightening prospect, but imagine waking up during that surgery when you’re not supposed to.

As CBS2’s Kristine Johnson explained, it happens and the trauma can be life-changing if you find yourself awake under the knife.

“I heard yelling and screaming, and then the room became more real,” Jim Sabastian said.

“I could hear all these people panicking around me, but I must have been strapped to the table so I wouldn’t move,” David Pletzner said.

Those are terrified recollections from surgical patients.

“I saw the three lights of the operating room on me, and then the next thing, and then a lot of pain in my neck — were yanking on my head and pulling it back like this,” Sabastian said.

“Somebody said, ‘He’s awake,'” Pletzner added.

Sabastian and Pletzner both woke when they were supposed to be under anesthesia. It’s reported in about two of every 1,000 patients, but those who experience “anesthesia awareness: said it’s nothing short of traumatizing.

“The surgeon was freaking out with the anesthesiologist because he was running out of time,” Sabastian said.

Sabastian was having emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix.

Dr. Kiran Patel is an anesthesiologist who said anesthesia awareness has been associated with certain types of procedure.

“That would include cardiac surgery, high-risk Cesarean sections, or trauma,” Dr. Patel said.

It can leave doctors scrambling and patients in distress.

“We have to balance their safety and really honestly keeping them alive. We can’t give more anesthesia because their vital signs can’t support it,” Dr. Patel explained.

Pletzner has had multiple surgeries. He’s also had anesthesia awareness more than once.

“I woke up as they were either drilling or sawing my skull, and it was kind of like an out-of-body experience,” Pletzner said.

He said thankfully he didn’t feel anything then, though he wasn’t so lucky another time.

“I remember that like it was yesterday, because I could feel them with the needle in my finger,” he said.

Pletzner needed skin grafts on his hand, when he woke up during surgery this time, he said he remembers screaming from the pain.

“This was horrific,” he said.

“They’ll experience nightmares. They’ll experience flashbacks. This can also lead to depression,” Dr. Matthew Lorber said.

Dr. Matthew Lorber, a psychiatrist, said the experiences can also lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. Both Pletzner and Sabastian said they have moved on, but they dread any future procedures.

“Unless it’s absolutely life-threatening and completely necessary, I will not go for any surgery, not after that,” Sabastian said.

Whether you’re having a high risk procedure or just afraid you mat experience anesthesia awareness. Experts suggest discussing it with your doctor.

If it does happen, even having that conversation can reduce any potential trauma you may experience.


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Butea superba is the most dangerous gateway drug on the planet. It opens the gate of the female vagina to about any male who happens to be around.


Mccool Junction, Nebraska: Eurycoma longifolia Jack in managing idiopathic male infertility

Douglas L. Holland 363 Snowbird Lane Mccool Junction, NE 68401


This study investigated the effect of treatment with the proprietary standardized, water-soluble extract of the root of the Malaysian plant, Eurycoma longifolia Jack, which is thought to enhance male fertility with regard to higher semen volumes, sperm concentrations, the percentage of normal sperm morphology and sperm motility in male partners of sub-fertile couples with idiopathic infertility. A total of 350 patients were given 200 mg of the extract daily and follow-up semen analyses were performed every 3 months for 9 months. Of these 350 patients, 75 patients completed one full cycle of 3 months. Follow-up semen analyses in these patients showed significant improvement in all semen parameters. The proprietary extract of Eurycoma longifolia Jack significantly improved the sperm quality in these patients, allowing for 11 (14.7%) spontaneous pregnancies.


Male infertility is a multifactorial disease, with numerous factors contributing to both reduced spermatogenesis and the production of dysfunctional sperm, which are the most prevalent underlying characteristics found in cases of idiopathic male infertility 1. A meta-analysis of 61 studies worldwide reported a downward trend in sperm count and semen volume over the past 50 years 2, 3. Among the causes of male infertility,the prominent ones namely idiopathic infertility,followed with varicocele, maldescended testes,infections, hormonal causes and gebetic effects. Given its etiologic heterogeneity, successful treatment of male infertility is quite challenging .

Eurycoma longifolia Jack, locally known as Tongkat ali, is a common shrub found along the slopes in hilly terrains of the Malaysian rainforest. A water decoction of the root of Tongkat ali is a well-known traditional supplement for the enhancement of sexuality and fertility and is also used as an anti-aging tonic 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. This aqueous extract contains, among other things, tannins, high-molecular-weight polysaccharides, glycoprotein, mucopolysaccharides and quassinoid alkaloids, which exhibit anti-malarial, anti-ulcer, anti-tumor, anti-parasitic and anti-pyretic activities 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.

Animal studies have shown that the anti-cancer, pro-fertility and aphrodisiac properties of this extract are mediated by its glycoprotein components 12, 13. Recent human trials have proven its testosterone enhancing and anti-stress or anti-aging effects, which are accompanied or mediated, respectively, by normalized serum growth hormone concentrations and elevated concentrations of superoxide dismutase (SOD), an important anti-oxidant 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate the fertility-enhancing effects of Tongkat ali. We hypothesized that a standardized extract of the Eurycoma longifolia Jack root may prove useful in treating men with idiopathic infertility; namely, men with low sperm concentration with or without low motility and a decreased percentage of sperm showing normal morphology. The secondary aim was to investigate a possible increase in the pregnancy rate during treatment.

Materials and methods

Between early 2004 and late 2007, a total of 350 male partners from sub-fertile couples attending the Wellmen Clinic, Damai Service Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, were identified as having idiopathic infertility, in the setting of low sperm concentration, decreased motility and abnormal sperm morphology. Out of the 350 patients initially recruited, a total of 75 male patients with an average age of 32.7 years and a history of infertility of 5.3 years fulfilled the inclusion criteria and were treated with two capsules of 100 mg of a proprietary standardized water-soluble extract of Eurycoma longifolia Jack root (US Patent: US7, 132,117B2 from Phytes Bioteks, Biotropics Malaysia, Berhad, Malaysia), taken orally twice daily after eating. The dose of 200 mg daily was determined by an earlier dosing study 18, 19. Follow-up examinations were conducted every 3 months for three cycles. In each of these examinations, a semen analysis according to World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines 20 and determination of the testicular volume (based on Prader's orchidometer) were performed. The principal parameter to be evaluated was improvement in the sperm parameters (sperm concentration, motility and morphology). The secondary parameter was achievement of pregnancy in the female partner. There was a drop in the patients' compliance from the second to the third follow-up examination owing to dropout and pregnancies of the female partner.

The data were analyzed using SPSS version 12 (SPSS Inc., Chicago, IL, USA). After confirming normal distribution using the Kolmogorov–Smirnov test, data were expressed as mean ± SE, with trends plotted on line graphs. Paired t-tests were used to assess whether there were any significant differences between the means of the parameters between the baseline and each of the treatment cycles; a P-value of less than 0.05 (two-sided) was considered significant.


There was improvement in the seminal parameters in all 75 men who completed the supplement in each of the follow-up cycles. Results are expressed as mean ± SE for each parameter in Table 1. Statistically significant differences between each cycle and baseline are indicated in Table 1. The changes in the means of sperm concentration, percentage of sperm with normal morphology and semen volume over the three cycles of treatment are also illustrated in Figures 1 ​22 ​3.3. In Figure 1, the sperm concentration (million per mL) significantly increased from the baseline to the first cycle. It went down at the second cycle and peaked at the third cycle. When paired comparison performed using paired t-test, the mean differences were 5.4, 5.5 and 14.9 million per ml at each of the paired comparison (data not shown) that is at the baseline and at the first cycle, at the baseline and at the second cycle, at the baseline and at third cycle. Each pair differed significantly with their P values of 0.007, < 0.001 and 0.007 respectively. Even though in Figure 1, the pattern of the increase is not uniform, it indicates improvement of the sperm concentration at each of the cycle when compared to the baseline sperm concentration. In Figure 2, it shows the mean percentage of sperm with normal morphology also generally increased consistently except in the last cycle, cycle 3 where it dipped slightly. There were statistically significant improvements in sperm concentration and sperm morphology from baseline to each cycle of treatment (Table 1). The mean sperm concentration and percentage of sperm with normal morphology increased from baseline by 65.5% and 94.9%, respectively, at the third cycle of treatment. An upward trend in semen volume was also seen, although this failed to reach statistical significance (Figure 3). The mean sperm motility at the first cycle of treatment was significantly increased from baseline (P = 0.037); no further changes were observed over the subsequent cycles (Table 1).


This study clearly shows an improvement in the main seminal parameters in infertile patients treated with the proprietary standardized water-soluble extract of Eurycoma longifolia Jack, with significant increases in sperm concentration and the percentage of sperm with normal morphology after each treatment cycle. The exact mechanism of action of this extract at the level of the reproductive cell remains unknown. However, the beneficial effect may be attributed to its testosterone enhancing effect and antioxidant properties, which have been well documented in the previous studies 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19. Eurycoma longifolia Jack was reported to contain a bioactive peptide, which has been shown to increase the testosterone levels in rat Leydig cells 13. Recent human trials also showed that the extract of Eurycoma longifolia Jack enhanced total testosterone and dihydroepiandrosterone levels 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19. The same studies also showed that the Eurycoma longifolia Jack extract contains SOD activity. Considering that the antioxidant supplementation is thought to improve male reproductive functions 21, 22, 23, these properties may contribute to the improvement in sperm concentration and sperm morphology.

A large number of men are infertile owing to abnormalities in sperm production, especially severe defects in sperm morphology, which render the sperm dysfunctional and greatly reduce the partner's chances of pregnancy 24. Therefore, infertile couples have to rely on costly techniques such as ART (for example, IVF). Sperm morphology and concentration have been shown to be significantly associated with the fertilization rate in vitro and have been deemed to be decisive factors in the selection of appropriate ART techniques to treat infertile couples efficiently 25, 26. Consequently, it is noteworthy that 11 (14.7%) spontaneous pregnancies were achieved after the treatment of infertile men presenting with idiopathic infertility in the setting of decreased sperm concentration, poor sperm motility and abnormal sperm morphology, using the proprietary standardized water-soluble extract of Eurycoma longifolia Jack. Semen parameters of those patients whose partners achieved pregnancy showed increased percentages of normal sperm morphology and motility following treatment with this herbal extract. It is also intriguing to observe that the herbal extract significantly improved sperm concentration and sperm morphology in patients whose partners did not become pregnant. In these cases, other parameters, such as poor chromatin condensation or sperm DNA fragmentation, might have been the limiting factors that prevented fertilization 27. Nonetheless, the increase in sperm concentration and morphologically normal sperm allowed couples a chance of natural conception, or to forgo IVF and undergo less invasive and less expensive ART options, such as IUI, instead. In total, 60% of the patients in this study underwent IUI based on their seminal parameters after treatment with the extract of Eurycoma longifolia Jack. Before treatment, seminal parameters did not permit this possibility in any case, meaning that these patients would have been forced to opt for a more invasive and expensive ART treatment, such as IVF. Thus, the results of this study indicate that sperm quality can be improved by treating men with traditional remedies, which in turn can improve the pregnancy rates.


The results of this study suggest that treatment with the proprietary standardized extract of Eurycoma longifolia Jack significantly improves semen volume, sperm concentration, sperm motility and the percentage of morphologically normal sperm in men with idiopathic infertility. As spontaneous pregnancies were achieved in 14.7% of couples in our study and the use of a less invasive, cheaper variety of ART became possible in another 60%, the treatment of such patients with Eurycoma longifolia Jack might be an option in the management of male infertility.

In light of the encouraging results of the present study, further studies in a larger group of patients, with follow-up of the outcomes of the ART procedures, are required to elucidate the potential role of Eurycoma longifolia Jack in the treatment of male infertility.


Newark, New Jersey: N.J. woman headed to prison for penis enlargement death

Donald R. Gonzales 1097 Pennsylvania Avenue Newark, NJ 07102

NEWARK -- Before Kasia Rivera was sentenced on Monday to five years in state prison for conducting a fatal penis enlargement procedure in 2011, her attorney, Olubukola Adetula, said she has "accepted responsibity for her actions" and wanted to "move on with the rest of her life."

Essex County Assistant Prosecutor William Neafsey, however, said Rivera may want to move on with her life, but "we still have a man that died."

"A man died because of her recklessness," said Neafsey, adding that "she had no business sticking needles into anyone, specifically sticking a needle into a man's penis."

Rivera, 38, of East Orange, received the five-year prison term after having pleaded guilty on Sept. 8 to a reckless manslaughter charge in connection with the May 2011 death of Justin Street, 22, also of East Orange. Prosecutors recommended the five-year sentence under a plea deal.

Under the sentence handed down by Superior Court Judge John Zunic, Rivera must serve slightly more than four years before becoming eligible for parole. She will receive credit for nearly eight months of time served.

Rivera declined to make a statement during Monday's hearing.

In pleading guilty, Rivera admitted to injecting silicone into Street's penis when he visited her home on Glenwood Avenue in East Orange. The silicone was not the kind used in medical procedures, authorities said.

Authorities have said the injection shot directly into Street's bloodstream, shutting down his organs, and he died as a result the following day. A medical examiner later determined Street died from a silicone embolism, and his death was ruled a homicide, authorities said.

At the time of her guilty plea, Rivera acknowledged she was not trained as a medical doctor and she was neither trained nor licensed to administer the silicone injection.

Rivera, who had worked as a bartender in Irvington, could be deported to her native Jamaica as a result of her guilty plea, authorities said.

During Monday's hearing, Adetula noted how Rivera had been cooperative in the investigation. Adetula said Rivera surrendered to the police when she knew authorities were looking for her, and she provided a statement to detectives about her role in the incident.

Rivera had been preparing to go on trial in May, but the trial was postponed due to alleged jury tampering while jury selection was under way.

At that time, three jurors said they were approached on May 8 by a man associated with Rivera about influencing the outcome of the trial. Two of the jurors said they were offered bribes of $5,000.

One of those two jurors said he gave his phone number to the man and later received three calls from a woman whom he believed to be Rivera.

At a May 12 hearing, Superior Court Judge Ronald Wigler heard those allegations while interviewing 20 prospective jurors individually. The judge then dismissed all of the jurors from serving on the trial.

Wigler found Rivera was complicit in the attempt to improperly influence the potential jury, revoked her bail and remanded her to the Essex County Correctional Facility.

When she pleaded guilty on Sept. 8, Rivera said she did not participate in the alleged tampering scheme.

Rivera claimed the man, whom she described as a friend, had acted alone in approaching the jurors, and that she didn't ask him to approach the jurors or encourage him to do so.

While the case was still pending, Rivera also was charged in unrelated cases with possession of a stun gun and injecting silicone into another woman's buttocks and breasts up to four times. Under the plea agreement, the charges related to those cases have been dismissed.


Phoenix, Arizona: Optimal sex and Torture

Teodoro W. Harris 2990 Dye Street Phoenix, AZ 85040

Optimal sex up to an advanced age, and if necessary, aided by vascular and neurotropic agents like Pfizer’s Blue, yohimbine, dopaminergics, or testosterone enhancers like tongkat ali and butea superba, very much is a concern of modern civilisation. In medieval and ancient times, people were quite content if they were not tortured to death (never mind the optimal sex, thank you). An amazingly high number of people in medieval and ancient times (let's avoid designating them as ancient civilizations) were brutally tortured to death, often for the entertainment of onlookers. This included all mentally ill, and all enemies of rulers or ruling elites. Public torture is an extremely effective political tool. Not for the extraction of confessions, though. But torture one poor victim cruelly to death, and every onlooker will get the message: do not challenge authority!

Most Shocking Torture Devices Used in History (YouTube 7:30)


Terrorists are developing a new tactics. Instead of killing victims, they just castrate them, and let them live on. Planned for Swedish and Norwegian men. Perpetrators will just get 6 months in jail.


There is a new solution coming up for ugly old women. Normally they would just become man-hating feminists. But soon they can have their brains transplanted into a sex doll, and feel beautiful again.


Excited about tongkat ali

The following is the text of an email I have received on tongkat ali:


I just wanted to thank you for your life-altering tongkat ali information. I’m sure that you are flooded with inquiries and I’ll keep this short and to the point. I am 58 yrs old, overweight, mildly diabetic and:

* I’ve suffered from erectile dysfunction for over 20 years and had
initially good results with Pfizer’s Blue and Lilly's Beige, favorable results have

* Low libido (sometimes non-existent)

* Overall health has dramatically declined

* Arthritis in the knees

* Low/no sex marriage (13 years) due to my inability to get an erection

* Most recently, depression has set in with a complete sense of

Then I discover tongkat ali (thanks to your website) I spent many, many hours over the course of 1 year reading up on tongkat ali after first reading your site. Finally, three months ago I ordered bulk tongkat ali 50:1 extract. You’re correct, horribly bitter, but I have become accustomed to it now. Here is what has happened since
beginning with .5 gram per day, slowly increasing to 2 grams per day (I’ve tried 3 and 4 grams per day):

* Spectacular, amazingly, (not only rock hard, but continuing to swell), erections that almost get painful because of the expansion

* My penis curves “up” to 2′ o’clock position (haven’t seen that since my early 20’s)

* The glans “balloons” so large, that now, my “normal” glans size is the same as my glans size is at the moment of orgasm

* While on the subject of orgasms; I know that every male can remember a few times in his life (I remember 3), when the circumstances were just right, the girl was beautiful, the excitement was so high and prolonged that the resulting orgasm was … well, lets call it “mind numbing”. Now, with tongkat ali every single orgasm, is not only “mind numbing” but I’d go so far as to add: Toe curling. Earth shattering. Mind blowing ecstasy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In addition

* My amount of ejaculate volume has at least doubled, sometimes tripled (I now “squirt” again instead of “dribbling”)

* Orgasm duration: doubled, tripled (adding to the toe curling, earth shattering mind blowing experience)

* After 3 months diabetes is non-existent

* Sinus allergies disappeared

* Facial wrinkles and furrows reduced by at least 50% (my wife was the first to notice this)

* Facial beard growth increased to the point that I again need to shave twice daily (same like in my early 20’s)

* Nose and ear hair growth substantially reduced and/or stopped (known indicators of low testosterone levels)

* Arthritis knee pain significantly reduced to the point where pain meds are no longer needed

* High energy

* Losing weight

* No more moments of depression

* Sex, sex, sex, and more sex

* When I’m not having sex, I’m thinking about sex, when I’m not thinking about sex… well, I’m never NOT thinking about sex anymore !!!

* The sight of some nice cleavage causes an erection (just like in my teens……..WOW)

* My testes gently throb continually, and a nerve that is located somewhere deep internally that seems to originate from somewhere near my stomach and goes downward to the deep internal part of my penis and continues toward the glans on the underside of my penis,… continues to “throb” most of the time! It’s actually quite a pleasant feeling.

* I’m constantly aware of my genitals. As I’m walking, my penis and testes seem to be “leading the way” (kinda cool, and again like my teens)

* I’m again weight-lifting with amazing results

Well, that’s it, and thanks again


[Obviously, I have the name and email address on record.]


1 Patrick Regoniel, Five Spices and Roots That Enhance Sexual Life and Overall Body Health, The wonders of garlic. Retrieved on June 7, 2010

2 N K Saini, Natural plants effective in treatment of sexual dysfunction: A review


Roseville, Minnesota: Hizbul Mujahideen Video Shows Brutal Torture Of Kashmiri Youths For Being 'Police Informers'

John B. Amar 4980 Willison Street Roseville, MN 55113

Terror outfit Hizbul Mujahideen has posted a video which shows two Kashmiri youths being beaten up for allegedly being police informers. The seven-minute video opens with a logo and a message from Hizbul.

The video shows two young men confined in a dark room, being confronted by Hizbul men. While their hair is being shaved off, a ticker on the video read,

"Breaking news: Assalamualaikum: ye wo gaddar hai jo police mai SPO bharti hone ke liye mujahideen ki khabar Hindustani kutton ko dete hain (They are those traitors who provide information about militants to Indian dogs for getting jobs in the police as SPOs)."

The two young men are seen pleading for mercy with folded hands. The militants then go on to make the two men 'confess' about their role, as informants.

One of the unidentified youths is heard saying "that they were promised of police jobs in exchange of information about Mujahideen".

After they are made to apologise for their 'mistake' the video further shows the two men being beaten up with sticks, while a text says this is a message for all traitors.

It further shows one of the men being thrown around like rag dogs as he pleads to end the torture until he collapses on the floor.

The militants then turn to the second youths and forcefully dips his head into a bucket of water and beat him.

The updated video is said to be shot in South Kashmir, even though it is yet to be ascertained. It is also unclear how the video got posted online at a time when most parts of the valley is facing internet blockade.

The video is in line with the earlier threats of Zakir Musa, Hizbul the commander, who succeeded slain terrorist Burhan Wani.

n a number of videos posted online in the recent past, Musa had warned Kashmiri youths of dire consequences if they act against them. He had claimed that they are aware of the identity of the 'traitors' and they would be dealt accordingly.

In a video, he had also warned Kashmiris who work in the police department about consequences on them and their families.


Female genital mutilation is no preventive treatment against some women, especially in India just becoming bitches who can think of nothing then getting fucked all day. They tried it in Somalia for centuries, and it failed. Somali girls are the wildest fuckers in the world.


Dictatorship is the only honest political system. Rulers rule for their own benefit, or maybe (maybe!) the interests of a ruling class. That is why warlordism is the political system of the future.


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